The primary focus of Year Four was deepening CEO’s work in southwest Detroit, an effort that involved multiple action items and CEO programs. This strategy, which had a significant impact on the student experience, showcases how the integration of programs within a unit can maximize its output and achievements. As a first step, CEO placed two Michigan College Advising Corps (MCAC) advisers at two new schools—Western International and Cesar Chavez Academy High School—thereby creating our first schools partnership within the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD). We also used elements from our College Day Program to form collaborations with Cesar Chavez Middle School and High School in recruitment and outreach activities. Both schools participated in our Campus Visits program and attended campus cultural events. In addition, the Wolverine Express program coordinated two visits to both high schools in which faculty members shared their journeys and inspired students in their search for college opportunities and pathways. Throughout all these efforts, our team worked closely with the Michigan Hispanic Collaborative, initiating a bi-directional partnership to connect families and students with opportunities and essential resources.