Since 2017, LSA has successfully recruited 37 Collegiate Fellows (with a total of 3,376 received applications to date), including fellows who joined us in Fall 2020.

We have recruited fellows in 22 different departments within all three divisions of Natural Science, Social Science and Humanities. Of these 37 Fellows, 15 are in tenure-track faculty positions as of Fall 2020, 17 have accepted tenure-track offers to follow their fellowship period and four other Fellows will be evaluated for tenure track in the coming year.

During Year Four, we also made changes to allow departments greater flexibility in using the program to recruit accomplished scholars with a track record of engaging DEI knowledge, skills and competencies in their research, teaching and mentoring, and/or service and engagement. We have also enhanced institutional support for Fellows’ professional development and sense of community.

Already, Fellows have made significant scholarly and pedagogical contributions to their departments and college communities and to their disciplinary fields, along with contributions to conversations both on campus and nationally for addressing equity and social justice issues in higher education.