In Year Four, MOEP achieved its DEI-related goal of increasing both its visibility accessibility at minority-majority high schools throughout Southeast Michigan. In particular, Lieutenant Khamaria Saadiq worked closely with high school counselors, teachers and students, making educational presentations that provided an overview of the program and encouraged students to seek out enrollment at the University of Michigan and the crosstown affiliated universities supported by our program. Her work has led to a substantial increase in the number of students from majority-minority high schools applying for the High School Scholarship Program, and thus, the likelihood of considering for funding more first generation/minority/low-income students at the University of Michigan and our crosstown affiliates.

First Lieutenant Kent Peaslee also conducted outreach with students at local minority-majority high schools throughout the region—sharing information, hosting exhibits and participating in recruiting events at venues ranging from the Detroit Public Safety School to Washtenaw Community College and metro Detroit high schools.