Create an Inclusive and Equitable Campus Climate

The university‚Äôs organizational climate is a mosaic of the unique missions, goals, cultures and values of each individual unit. For that reason, in developing appropriate action steps, planners focused on helping all DEI Leads, at the unit and university level alike, to understand the many elements that contribute to both positive and negative organizational cultures. 

Although all unit strategic plans share common goals and are intended to achieve greater openness, inclusivity and sense of belonging among community members, the individual action items themselves are wide-ranging. Accordingly, the campuswide action items are designed to support and strengthen the development of programs, policies and activities that cultivate an inclusive culture where everyone can grow and thrive. 



Using advanced methodology, we will conduct the first-ever Campus Climate Survey on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to help us understand faculty, staff and student perspectives and experiences related to work and study at the university. The resulting data will be used to assess the present campus climate, guide current and future decisions and provide a metric of accountability for change over time. Administered for the first time in 2016-2017, the climate survey will generate university- and unit-level data in a way that can be repeated to measure progress.